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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was a mid-size four-wheel drive automobile in the Toyota Land Cruiser number. In European countries the 2014 Prado try designated Land Cruiser LC3, LC4, and LC5, according to the products amounts. Prados need ladder structures, two-speed transfer containers

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manuals click here Toyota reprint in A5 format of the 1KZ-TE diesel engine genuine workshop manual (engine only). The 1KZ-TE engine was found in Toyota Hi-lux LN series as well as Toyota Surf and Toyota Prado. Covers ● Diagnostics ● Engine Mechanical ● Turbocharger ● Emission Control ● Electronic Control Diesel ● Engine Fuel ● Cooling ● Lubrication ● Starting more details.....

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1KDFTV engines) Engines Covered: # 5VZ-FE - 3378cc (3.4l) V6 Quadcam Petrol Engine # 1GR-FE - 3955cc (4.0l) V6 Quadcam Petrol Engine # 3RZ-F - Carburettored 2694cc (2.7l) 4 Cylinder DOHC Petrol Engine # 3RZ-FE - Fuel Injected 2.7l 4 Cylinder DOHC Petrol Engine # 1KZ-T - 2982cc (3.0L) 4 cylinder SOHC Turbo Diesel Engine # 1KZ-TE - 2982 cc (3.0l) 4 cylinder SOHC Turbo Diesel Engine with Electronic Fuel Injection Transmissions covered: # G52 W56 and R150F (manual) # A343F and A340F (automatic) # Does not include A750F 5 speed automatic from 2004 Contents: # General Information. # Engine Tune-Up and Maintenance. # Emission System. # 5VZ-FE and 1GR-FE V6 Engine Maintenance and Rebuild. # 3RZ-F and 3RZ-FE Engine Maintenance and Rebuild. # 1KZ-T Engine Maintenance and Rebuild. # Starter System. # Alternator System. # Cooling System. # Ignition System. # Petrol / Gasoline E.F.I. Fuel System. # Transfer. # Drive / Tail Shaft and Universal Joints and CV Drive Shafts. # Axle Assemblies and Differentials. # Steering. # Front Suspension. # Rear Suspension. # Brakes. # Exhaust System. # Fuel Tank. # Wheels and Tyres. # Windscreen Wipers and Washers. # Heating and Air Conditioner System. # extra

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Manual NEW Get other Prado service and repair manuals here Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4WD Petrol Diesel 1996 - 2009 Gregorys Owners Service Repair Manual covers 95 and 120 Series: Wagon RV GXL VX Grande Petrol Engines Covered: ● 2.7 litre "3RZ-FE" 4 Cylinder ● 3.4 litre "5VZ-FE" V6 DOHC 24v ● 4.0 litre "1GR-FE" V6 DOHC 24v Diesel Engine Covered: ● 3.0 litre "1KZ-TE" Turbo ● 3.0 litre "1KD-FTV" Turbo Contents: ● Introductory Pages About this Manual; Introduction to the Toyota Prado; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Fraction/Decimal/Millimeter Equivalents; Jacking and Towing; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting ● Routine Maintenance ● 2.7 litre 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine ● 3.4 litre V6 Petrol Engine ● 4.0 litre V6 Petrol Engine ● 3.0 litre 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine ● General Engine overhaul Procedures ● Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning ● Fuel and Exhaust Systems - Petrol Engines ● Fuel and Exhaust Systems - more details.....

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DOHC ● 3.4 litre "5VZ-FE" V6 24v DOHC ● 4.0 litre "1GR-FE" V6 24v DOHC Diesel Engines Covered: ● 3.0 litre "1KZ-TE" Turbo ● 3.0 litre "1KD-FTV" Turbo Contents: ● Introductory Pages About this Manual; Introduction to the Toyota Land Cruiser; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Fraction/Decimal/Millimeter Equivalents; Jacking and Towing; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting ● Tune-up and routine maintenance ● Engine ● General engine overhaul procedures ● Cooling heating and air conditioning ● Fuel and Exhaust Systems ● Charging and Starting Systems ● Engine Electrical Systems ● Emissions Engine Control Systems ● Manual Automatic Transmission ● Transfer Case ● Clutch ● Brakes ● Suspension and steering Systems ● Body ● Chassis electrical system ● Wiring Diagrams Haynes repair manuals can save you money on maintenance and repair bills. Step-by-step procedures and much more info

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was a mid-size four-wheel drive automobile in the Toyota Land Cruiser number. It really is produced by japan car manufacturer, Toyota engine firm. The Prado is amongst the small automobiles in the range. The 2014 Prado is founded on Toyota's J150 system.

In European countries the 2014 Prado try designated Land Cruiser LC3, LC4, and LC5, according to the products amounts. The Prado may also be called Land Cruiser LC70, LC90, LC120, and LC150 according to the system. In united states it is really not part of the Land Cruiser range; the Toyota 4Runner replaces the Prado with basic trim whilst Lexus GX 470 replaces the Prado with luxury trim. The GX 470 makes use of virtually identical human anatomy panels and V8 system.

Prados need ladder structures, two-speed transfer containers and back beam axles. The J70 platform has a front beam axle while the J90, J120, and J150 platforms have front side independent suspension system

The 2014 Prado is available in GX, GXL, VX, and Grande versions. The GX is the basic level design, as the Grande may be the deluxe variation. In most areas the Prado can be obtained with a 4.0 L V6 petrol motor or 3.0 L straight 4 Diesel engine. Additionally it is obtainable in 4.6 L V8 petrol. In some europe commercial van variations, in line with the short-wheelbase chassis. are available.

By 2014, the LC Prado is available in every Toyota market, except South Korea, the U.S., Canada, and Mexico

The transfer situation gets energy from transmission and directs they to both front and rear axles. This is often finished with a set of gears, nevertheless greater part of transfer circumstances produced nowadays is chain-driven. On some cars, eg four-wheel-drive vehicles or automobiles designed for off road utilize, this feature was monitored because of the motorist. The driver can place the transfer circumstances into either "two-wheel-drive" or "four-wheel-drive" mode. This might be sometimes accomplished by way of a shifter, similar to that in a manual transmission. On some cars this may be digitally operated by a switch as an alternative. Some cars, such as all-wheel-drive sports automobiles, need transfer situations that aren't selectable. These types of a transfer case are permanently "locked" into all-wheel-drive mode.

An on-road transfer circumstances synchronizes the difference between the rotation associated with front and back rims, in very similar means the differential acts on certain axle. It is needed considering that the front side and rear tires never turn at same rate whenever front side and back tire sizes vary.

Transfer matters designed for off road usage can mechanically lock the front and rear axles when required. This is the comparable to the differential lock.

The transfer instance may contain a number of units of lowest number gears. Minimum number gears are engaged with a shifter or digital change. On most transfer instances, this shifter is the same as the one that selects 2WD or 4WD operation. Low range gears slow down the car while increasing the torque offered at the axles. Low-range gears are employed during slow-speed or extreme off roadway maneuvers, such as rockcrawling or when pulling much load. This particular feature is often missing on all-wheel-drive vehicles. Some huge vehicles, such as hefty products or armed forces trucks, do have more than one low-range gear.

In April 1990, a kind ended up being launched. The front grille, front fenders and system hood are redesigned. The top lamp design changed aswell. At exactly the same time the sub title Prado ended up being connected, but brands like Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser II remained used in the rest worldwide besides Japan. Prado, meaning meadow or field in Portuguese, the newest line from Land Cruiser was marketed toward even more on-road purposes, despite a body on framework build that has been extremely able off road.

In Japan it came with electric fuel injection and a four speed automated transmission. The 2.4 L turbo diesel system with 71 kW and 240 N·m large torque unit was set up. The fall into line included 2-door and 4-door versions obtainable in SX, LX or EX grades of trim.

Leading suspension system had been changed to a "surprise absorber through springtime" design to improve control. Using the touch of a button you can change between phases of absorber. The 22R gas engine had been upgraded on 22R-E engine, the diesel motors had been changed because of the 2.8 L 3L system, therefore the 2.4 L 2L-T turbo diesel engine had been changed by the electronically inserted 2L-TE turbo diesel motor. In 1993, the 22R-E gas motor is replaced by the 2.7 L 3RZ-FE fuel engine therefore the 2L-TE turbo diesel system is changed by the 3.0 L 1KZ-TE turbo diesel motor with aluminium cylinder mind. The 1KZ-TE could decrease NOx and soot. The dash board had been changed with a brand new build with minor changes to suspension system, brake system, and trim facts.
So-named for its resemblance to a ladder, the ladder framework is amongst the simplest and earliest of all designs. They consist of two symmetrical beams, rails, or stations operating along the automobile, and many transverse crossmembers linking all of them. Originally seen on all automobiles, the ladder frame is slowly phased out on cars and only border structures and unitized system construction. It is now observed mainly on trucks.
Developed ladder chassis with diagonal cross-bracing and lightening holes

This build provides great ray weight due to the constant rails from front to back, but poor resistance to torsion or warping if easy, perpendicular crossmembers are utilized. Additionally, the automobile's general height is likely to be greater as a result of the floor pan sitting over the frame as opposed to within it.

The definition of unibody or unit-body is short for unitized body, or instead unitary construction build. Within method the car's framework and the body were incorporated into just one stronger structure. Integral frame and the body construction requires more than merely welding an unstressed human body to the standard frame. In a completely integrated body structure, the complete automobile are a load-carrying device that handles most of the plenty practiced by the vehicle — forces from driving as well as cargo loads. Integral-type figures for wheeled motors are generally manufactured by welding preformed metal panels and other equipment collectively, by developing or casting entire areas as you section, or by a variety of these methods. Although this might be also called a monocoque construction, as the automobile's outer epidermis and panels are manufactured load-bearing — there's also nevertheless ribs, bulkheads and box sections to reinforce the body, creating the definition semi-monocoque right.

They first gone into mass-production in the 1934 Citroën Traction Avant, the 1936 Lincoln-Zephyr, and 1941 Nash 600. Since then more and more automobiles have now been made with modifications of unibody — like modern day athletics energy automobiles. The Nash 600's build is later on utilized by Detroit's gigantic Three in which its 1960 design year compacts had modifications associated with unibody - this included early ponycars. Most of the American-manufactured unibody vehicles put torque containers inside their car build to cut back vibrations and chassis flex except for the Chevy II which had a bolt-on front apron in-may 1996, the J70 show underwent a makeover and emerged once the J90 show Prado, a completely independent show. The body had been lengthened. The design stayed moderate task, like J70. The front suspension was replaced with an independent design, distributed to Tacoma and Hilux search, made by Hino. The J90 is created by Tahara Plant, readily available as a three-door short wheelbase and five-door very long wheelbase variation.

In Japan, the 3-door series begun with a roentgen inside show including RZ, RX, RS to RJ as the 5-door line-up started with T within the show ranging from TZ, TX, TS, to TJ. All designs included front dual wishbone and 4 linked suspension system plus full time 4WD. ABS and a Field track showing altimeter, thermometer and pressure are standard in most the models. The field track wasn't available as standard equipment in South Africa. Tv display and sound set had been recommended.

Gasoline engines included the 2.7 L 3RZ-FE and, new in Prado models, the 3.4 L V6 5VZ-FE. Diesel engines are the 2.8 L 3L motor, the 3.0 L 5L engine and 3.0 L 1KZ-TE.

There is additionally an extra type of the J90, labeled as the Challenger. Features of the Challenger is standard fabric chairs and wood regarding dash.

By Summer 1999, small modifications were made. Being follow latest laws and regulations, fog-lamps are included with the bumper, except in Southern Africa. In July 2000, a unique diesel motor, the 3.0 L popular train Diesel shot 1KD-FTV ended up being launched into this model. To lessen thieves, an engine immobilizer ended up being available. TX restricted with 8 chairs utilized TX base with roofing railway, rear under mirror, lumber panel finish, supply others, optitron meter, base air conditioning as well as back heater was launched into this show.

The Prado is assembled by Sofasa in Colombia from 1999 until 2009 without considerable modifications. There have been two variations, a 3-door with a 2.7 L system and 5-door with a 3.4 L V6 motor with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automated. Between 2005 and 2009 they supplied an optional armoured type of the 5-door variation.

When the Prado was launched in the united kingdom in 1996, it had been known as the Land Cruiser Colorado and replaced the 4Runner, which was indeed stopped from purchase. It was called this to distinguish they from the larger Land Cruiser – renamed since the Land Cruiser Amazon – that has been currently available for sale. They fallen the Colorado name label in 2003, with regards to is rebranded just Land Cruiser. Inside Republic of Ireland most Land Cruisers are marketed as advertisements with the part windows and seats removed for taxation grounds.
The 1RZ is a 2.0 L variation built from 1989. Bore is 86 mm and stroke is 86 mm.

The 1RZ-E may be the fuel-injected type of the 1RZ. With a 9.0 to 1 compression ratio, output are 101–108 hp at 5,400 rpm with 118–123 lb·ft of torque at 2,800 rpm.


1989–2004 Toyota HiAce
1998–2005 Toyota Revo
1998–2001 Toyota Hilux
2000–2004 Toyota Kijang

2RZ-FE Engine in a 1998 Toyota Hilux

The 2RZ are a 2.4 L variation. Bore are 95 mm and stroke are 86 mm; multiple mixture of minds and gasoline shipping methods were offered.

This really is an SOHC system with two valves per cylinder. Valve modifications is by shim over container. Output is 120 PS at 5,200 rpm. Initially manufactured with a carburetor induction system, it absolutely was later on upgraded to Electronic Fuel shot, aided by the -E suffix added to the motor designation. Toyota specified unleaded gasoline with a rating with a minimum of 91 RON in Australia.


1989–2004 Toyota HiAce


The 2RZ-FE is a 2.4 L version. Bore are 95 mm and stroke is 86 mm. Compression ratio try 9.5 to at least one. result was 142 hp at 5000 RPM with 160 lb·ft of torque at 4000 RPM. This engine will not showcase stability shafts. It's four valves per cylinder and DOHC. Device modifications is by shim over bucket.


1995–2004 Toyota Tacoma 4x2
1998–2004 Toyota Hilux


The 3RZ-FE is a 2.7 L version. Bore was 95 mm and stroke try 95 mm. Compression ratio try 9.5 to 1. result are 150 hp at 4800 RPM with 177 lb·ft of torque at 4000 RPM. This motor features twin, chain-driven balance shafts. It offers four valves per cylinder and DOHC. Valve modifications is through shim over bucket.

First showing up in 2000, the 1KD-FTV is amongst the new machines built by Toyota.

The 1KD-FTV was a 3.0L straight-4 typical rail diesel motor with a variable geometry turbocharger and Intercooler. This has 16 valves and a DOHC build. Bore was 96 mm and swing was 103 mm. It generates 172.72 hp at 3400 rpm, and 260 lbf·ft of torque at 1800-3400 rpm based on marketplace and emission specs. In a few markets, outputs is 127kW/410Nm and 140kW/510Nm. Redline for this motor is at 4200 RPM. Compression proportion try 17.9:1.

This engine uses Toyota's D-4D popular train gas injections technologies running at ultra large pressures as high as 135 mpa which can be about 8 days more than the pressure of main-stream gas shot methods within a "common train" that nourishes the injectors on all four cylinders. It is combined with a 32-bit ECU which controls fuel volume, valve-timing, and boost stress at various motor parameters causing top fuel economic climate and in addition full utilization of power during speed. Pilot injections can be used by the normal rail fuel system to flowing motor operation. Lower amounts of gas is launched in to the combustion chamber before the main shot occasion, reducing lag time and marketing most continuous and complete burning. Exterior and interior motor sounds can also be reduced.

The 1KD motor brings 17% even more energy with 11per cent less fuel usage than their forerunner, the 1KZ motor.

This system was initially utilized in Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, third Generation Hilux Surf and now used in the Toyota Fortuner, Hiace and Toyota Hilux.

Solenoid or piezoelectric valves create feasible good electric control of the gas injections time and quantity, and the greater pressure the common train technologies makes available produces best fuel atomisation. To lessen motor noise, the system's electric controls device can inject handful of diesel before the main injection occasion, hence reducing their explosiveness and vibration, along with optimising injections time and quantity for variants in gasoline high quality, cool starting and so on. Some advanced level common rail fuel techniques perform up to five shots per stroke.

Common train machines need a tremendously quick to no heating-up time, based on ambient heat, and produce reduced engine noise and emissions than older techniques.

Diesel engines has historically made use of various forms of fuel injections. Two typical sort range from the device injection program plus the distributor/inline pump techniques. While these old techniques offered accurate gasoline amount and injection time control, they were tied to a few points:

These were cam driven, and injections force is proportional to engine speed. This usually required your highest shot stress could simply be realized on finest motor rate together with maximum doable injection pressure decreased as motor speed decreased. This union does work with pumps, also those used on typical railway systems. With device or distributor techniques, the shot pressure was associated with the instantaneous stress of a single pumping occasion with no accumulator, and thus the relationship is much more prominent and troublesome.
They were brief within the quantity and timing of shot events that might be commanded during a single burning event. While multiple injection activities is possible with one of these old methods, it really is alot more harder and high priced to produce.
For typical distributor/inline system, the start of injection took place at a pre-determined pressure and finished at a pre-determined pressure. This characteristic resulted from "dummy" injectors in cylinder head which started and sealed at pressures determined by the spring preload placed on the plunger within the injector. When the force into the injector reached a pre-determined amount, the plunger would lift and shot would beginning.

In common train methods, a high-pressure pump stores a reservoir of fuel at ruthless — as much as and above 2,000 taverns. The word "typical railway" refers to the fact that most of the gasoline injectors become furnished by a common gas rail that will be only a pressure accumulator in which the gas was kept at ruthless. This accumulator supplies multiple gasoline injectors with high-pressure gasoline. This simplifies the goal of the high-pressure pump in that they just must keep a commanded stress at a target. The fuel injectors are typically ECU-controlled. When the gasoline injectors were electrically activated, a hydraulic device are mechanically or hydraulically unsealed and gas are dispersed into the cylinders at desired stress. Since the gas force energy sources are kept from another location additionally the injectors are electrically actuated, the injections stress from the beginning and end of injection is extremely near the force within the accumulator, thus creating a square injection speed. If the accumulator, pump and plumbing work are sized properly, the injections pressure and rate could be the exact same for every associated with the several injections occasions.

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